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Arcadio, The Devil's Creation

by Éric ELLÉNA , Guillaume MAZELINE


Original title : Arcadio, le démon de la création

Director : Éric ELLÉNA , Guillaume MAZELINE

Production : Yadé Films

Duration : 54 Minutes

Year : 2002

Original version : French

Country : France


Musicals are becoming very popular! Some students from a business school decide to write a musical. Arcadio is slightly autobiographical: The devil forces their talents to reveal themselves, disrupting their careers and changing their destinies. While continuing their courses at the business school and their internship training in companies, they will need to devote 400 hours to preparing their show. The film recounts their adventure, the doubts and jubilations of this impassioned group of people. From the writing of the script to the rehearsals right until starting to look for funding they are driven by their passion, spontaneity and audacity. Then one day the dream comes true: they present their show on stage; record a song and a video. A new life begins for these supposed business managers and marketing executives. There’s no turning back now.

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