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Fishing Adventures in Malaysia

by Éric ELLÉNA


Original title : Aventures de pêche en Malaisie

Director : Éric ELLÉNA

Production : French Connection Films

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2001

Original version : French

Dubbed version : Spanish, English

Country : France


Fishing has an extremely important place in Malaysia which counts nearly 3 million fishermen, professional, occasional and game. The discovery circuit is divided between the East coast of the peninsula and the lakes and rivers in the jungles. It is a wealth of adventure and extraordinary, powerful moments. The Sabak fishermen attract the fish with palm branches. The Semalai aborigines use conical fishing baskets and the Penarik trawlers use lights mounted on buoys. As for the game fishermen, on the biggest man made lake in Southeastern Asia they fish for toman, sebarau and kelah or test their strength against giant trevally, dolphin fish and other spearfish and swordfish. Authentic and exotic, the fishing opportunities in Malaysia are endless and the encounters with the people of this country, previously unknown to the French, are even more exciting.

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