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Big Bang, The Call of Origins

by Dominique REGUEME


Original title : Big Bang, l'appel des origines

Director : Dominique REGUEME

Production : Les films de Hublot

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2022

Original version : Français

Subtitled version : Anglais

Country : France


What does science tell us about our origins? How scientists can now answer these ancestral questions: who are we, and where do we come from?
Through astronomy, this documentary takes us to the discovery of our most distant roots, and reminds us of the link that exists between the past of the universe and our own existence.
With the participation of six researchers: Sylvie Vauclair, Yaël Nazé, Christophe Galfard, Aurélien Barrau, Jean-Pierre Luminet and Etienne Klein.


International space film festival (Kalouga • 2022 )
Festival du film scientifique (La Réunion • 2022 France
Summer Space Festival (Bruxelles • 2022 Belgium)
Festival d'astronomie de Tautavel (Tautavel • 2022 France)
Festi'val d'Azun De la Terre aux Etoiles (Val d'Azun • 2022 France)
Vaasa Wildlife Festival (Vaasa, Finlande - septembre 2022)

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