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De que vuelan, vuelan



Original title : De que vuelan, vuelan

Director : Myriam BOU-SAHA, Ananda HENRY-BIABAUD

Production : Wendigo Films

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2014

Original version : Spanish

Dubbed version : French

Country : France


In the humble setting of a slum in Caracas, La Rosa Negra, Flor and Alzubey take on to find the best sorcerer of the city. One consultation after another, between cigar smoke and incantations, the sorcerers fall into trance to communicate with spirits.

Through skepticism and open-hearted revelations, emerges a compelling story of friendship and the battle against loneliness and guilt.


  • Étoile de la SCAM - 2014 : France
  • Dok Leipzig : Germany
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Film Fest : Greece
  • Astra Film Festival : Romania
  • Les Rencontres du cinéma latino-américain de Pessac : France
  • Reflets du Cinéma Ibérique & Latino-Américain : France
  • Festival Intergalactique de l’image alternative : France
  • Festival du film Artisanal et audacieux : France
  • Documenta 2013 : Venezuela
  • Festival du film artisanal et audacieux Joyeuse et sud : Best Documentary
  • Festival documental : Jury Award
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