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Cameroon Fights Back

by Franck SANSON


Original title : Debout Cameroun

Director : Franck SANSON

Production : Yadé Films

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2004

Original version : French

Dubbed version : English

Country : France


Cameroon Fights Back broaches the issue of the war against AIDS from a new and optimistic perspective. Accompanied by journalist Wally Ambroise, the director Franck Sanson travels around Cameroon and realises the astounding mobilization of the Cameroon population to combat this terrible disease. On his travels he meets different people active in the cause and others who have contracted the virus. Interviewing certain celebrities such as Roger Milla (legendary Cameroon football player) and also artists and volunteers strongly committed to the prevention of stigma and misinformation, he portrays a picture of a diseased country whose unlimited human resources seem sufficient to keep the epidemic in check.

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