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When Hip Hop Becomes Art

by Éric ELLÉNA


Original title : Entre ciel et terre, quand le Hip Hop devient Art

Director : Éric ELLÉNA

Production : French Connection Films, Beleza Films

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2014

Original version : French

Subtitled version : English

Country : France


France is the only country in the world where Hip Hop dance managed to have a big breakthrough onto the National scene. The dance is based on prowess which was born in the streets with contact to a fleeting public, and which managed to come a long way since then. The film shows a group of breakdancers such as Les Vagabonds, The Pockemon Crew or 1er Avertissement, who share their time between competitions and the theater scene. We also discover the work of choreographers such as Mourad Merzouki and Anthony Egéa, who gave hip hop a new direction. In thirty years the hip hop dance became a major cultural movement. It revitalized the contemporary dance and it brought back a large public towards theaters.  


  • Break in the City (Festival des Danses Hip Hop à Pessac) 2014
  • Groove n’Move Festival (Paris) 2016
  • FIFA Montreal 2014
  • Urban Film Festival (Paris) 2014
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