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The Fulani Shepherds: A Cry for Help in Africa

by Éric ELLÉNA, Clara OTT


Original title : Le Cri d'Appel des Pasteurs Peuls

Director : Éric ELLÉNA, Clara OTT

Production : French Connection Films, France Télévisions

Duration : 49 Minutes

Year : 2010

Original version : French

Dubbed version : English

Country : France


The demographic boom in Africa has brought a growing need for food, especially meat. At the same time, traditional breeders, who provide the bulk of the red meat consumed by cities in Central and Western Africa, face a difficult situation. The Fulani shepherds, an ethnic group native to Nubia, have been affected. From Mauritania to Sudan, these nomads, with their remarkable know-how and livestock farming methods, have brought worth to entire countries in the Sahel region thanks to their numerous flocks of zebus and sheep. Today they face enormous challenges. The Fulani’s sustainable farming methods could teach us lessons when our world is increasingly subject to climate change and economic uncertainty.



  • Cinema-Nature Festival in Dompierre-sur-Besbre 2011
  • Bourges International Ecological Film Festival 2010
  • International North South Media Forum (INSMF) 2010
  • "Pastoralism & Great Spaces” Film Festival 2010
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