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The Riders of the Sahara

by Éric ELLÉNA


Original title : Les cavaliers du Sahel

Director : Éric ELLÉNA

Production : French Connection Films

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2003

Original version : French

Dubbed version : English

Country : France


For the people of the Sahara, owning a horse is a sign of social standing and the object of pride. In Savannah villages, children learn to ride young living a life of liberty, guarding the family’s herd. Hisseini is 11 and is preparing to take part in his first “Fantasia”, an annual horse race, but he has no one to train him. When Hisseini meets Abakar who works at an equestrian club he agrees to help him. Later, Hisseini meets Estelle, a French girl training for her first jumping competition. Moussa, a stable boy, works for Atanase, a Greek who has trained horses and jockeys in Africa for over 20 years. Moussa’s dream is to become a jockey, like his big brother Adoum. When the big day arrives, Estelle, Adoum and Hisseini must prove their worth to their families. This is the story of these young African boys’ initiation as horse riders in the Sahara.

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