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Malaki-Scent of an Angel

by Khalil Dreifus ZAAROUR


Original title : Malaki-Scent of an Angel

Director : Khalil Dreifus ZAAROUR

Production : Khalil Dreifus ZAAROUR

Duration : 80 Minutes

Year : 2010

Original version : Lebanese

Subtitled version : French, English

Country : New Zeland


"MALAKI - Scent of an Angel" focuses on families who have lost a loved one during and after the Lebanese civil war. It examines the trauma of six different families and the pain of uncertainty. What happened to their husbands and sons? Are they alive or dead? Beyond the political implications, the film tells of broken family bonds, loss, doubt, expectation and the pain related to their disappearance. The film plays on the notion of reality and fantasy blurred because the reality of the families is unbearable.


Official Selections

  • Festival du Film Arabe de CalgarySalinaDocFest
  • Sicile 14e Festival International du Film Documentaire d'Istanbul
  • 20e Festival International du Film de Heartland 2011
  • Indianapolis 7e Directors Lounge International de Berlin 2011 
  • Sélectionné par le festival VISIONS DU REEL (Nyon,Suisse) pour le Marché International Doc Outlook 2011 (DOCM)  
  • 7e Festival International du Film de Dubai 2010 (nominé pour le Meilleur Film Documentaire)
  • Trophée de la Fondation Liban Cinéma 
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