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Miss Mermaid

by Pauline BRUNNER, Marion VERLÉ


Original title : Miss Mermaid

Director : Pauline BRUNNER, Marion VERLÉ

Production : Wendigo Films

Duration : 52 Minutes

Year : 2019

Original version : French

Subtitled version : English

Country : France


Alexia, 32, is from Fécamp, a small fishing port on the cliffs of Normandy. In this city in decline, this young maid, flirtatious and lonely trying to escape his daily life. Legs gathered in a large tail covered with scales, she plunges into the sea and escapes. A secret ritual, until the day she decides to register for the Miss Sirène France contest.

For a year, she trains tirelessly, doing pool training, jogging in the early morning on the cliffs. As the competition approaches, Alexia opens to the world, exposes herself to the eyes, makes dream, amuses sometimes or disturbs some.

Under a carapace of humor and provocation, we discover the battered story, the fears, the complexes of the young woman. So many failings that finally enlighten us on the reasons buried that push to transform oneself.



  • FIPADOC 2020
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