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My Land

by Nabil AYOUCH


Original title : My Land

Director : Nabil AYOUCH

Production : French Connection Films

Duration : 84 Minutes

Year : 2011

Original version : Hebrew, Arabic

Subtitled version : English, French

Country : France , Morocco


The film director Nabil Ayouch, whose father was a Muslim and whose mother was Jewish, had always had a troubled relationship with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In this film he decides to approach the subject from a different angle, which is above all, that of a human being. After meeting with some old Palestinian refugees who had lived in the camps in Lebanon in 1948 he gathers some deeply moving accounts. He then transports these memories of a lost land to the ears of young Israelis who have taken their places in the villages where these Palestinians used to live. In the film they decide to go against these unfounded myths and to hear what the Palestinians have to tell them. The resulting dialogue that takes place at a distance is disconcerting and sometimes disturbing.


  • Best Documentary Prize 2012 - Tetouan Mediterranean Film Festival
  • Public Heart Prize 2011 - Cinéalma Nice Festival
  • Editing Prize / Music Prize 2011 - National Film Festival of Tangier
  • 2011 Press Prize - Fameck Arab Film Festival
    Official selections
  • 2011 Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier
  • Namur International French Film Festival Boston Palestinian Film Festival
  • Cinéalma Festival of Nice
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