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My Sweet Hooligan

by Jean-Marie VINCLAIR


Original title : My Sweet Hooligan

Director : Jean-Marie VINCLAIR

Production : Oeil sauvage

Duration : 66 Minutes

Year : 2013

Original version : French

Subtitled version : English

Country : France


I discovered The Laskies by chance at a rock concert. It was as though their energy reactivated me teleporting me back to a forgotten time. Listening to Lewis Evans, the singer’s voice, I had the impression I was seeing the ghost of Robert Smith from The Cure, my idol from the 80s. Whilst I was filming we bonded and I dragged him, despite himself, back to my teenage years. Lewis was at the height of his transformation, searching for his pop star image developing his voice, on the road to success. From rehearsals to gigs, recordings and interviews, parties and hangovers, I shared 3 years of his zest for life, his insolence, his passion for music and also his hassles, his doubts and his hopes.


Pointdoc Festival - Paris (France)
Nyon - Festival du réel (Switzerland)

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