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White Negro

by Cheik N'DIAYE


Original title : Nègre Blanc

Director : Cheik N'DIAYE

Production : Wendigo Films

Duration : 75 Minutes

Year : 2014

Original version : French

Country : France


Shocked and angry at the atrocities perpetrated against African albinos, Cameroon storyteller Leonard I De Sernnjock decided to navigate up the Nkam river in search of albinos and their history.
On his way, he meets storytellers, old wizards and sorcerers. Leonard slowly grasps how deeply rooted beliefs about albinos are in the collective memory, and that a way to change the Africans' view on albinos would be to create, in addition to his theatre shows, new tales that build a new and positive image of albinos. Thus, inspired by stories told to him for him to create a show in the town of Dschang, he invents a new tale.


  • Festival International de Cinéma de Nador : Morocco
  • Festival Lumière d'Afrique - Besançon : France
  • Escales Documentaires de Libreville : Grand Prix
  • Festival du film documentaire de Saint-Louis : Senegal
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