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Toxic Soup

by Rory Owen DELANEY


Original title : Toxic soup

Director : Rory Owen DELANEY

Production : French Connection Films

Duration : 89 Minutes

Year : 2011

Original version : English

Dubbed version : French

Country : France


It’s pollution politics as multi-national corporations manipulate the system to delay environmental reform, endangering the health of communities all over the world. Featuring interviews with Bill Clinton and Morgan Spurlock, “Toxic Soup” unveils the story of ordinary people who discover that atmospheric pollution, contaminated drinking water and toxic waste are poisoning their friends, family and loved ones.


Official Selections

  • Culture Unplugged Film Festval 2011
  • Atlanta Film Festival 2010
  • New Jersey Film Festival 2010
  • Twin Cities Film Festival 2010
  • Louisville Film Festival 2010
  • American Conservation Film Festival 2010
  • KahBang Film Festival 2010
  • West Virgina Filmmakers Festival 2010
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