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The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun



Director : Djibril MAMBETY DIOP

Production : Waka Films

Duration : 44 Minutes

Year : 1999

Original version : French, Wolof

Available version : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,

Country : Switzerland , France , Sénégal


For a long time, the street sale of newspapers in Dakar has been reserved for the city's youngsters. But suddenly, this privilege is called into question. Sili, a girl between ten and thirteen years old, lives on the street and moves forward with the help of two crutches. She shares the life of the young newspaper sellers and keeps her head above water by begging. One day, she is pushed so hard by boys that she falls heavily. She is very angry and decides to sell newspapaers from the next day on like all the others. Why shouldn't be true for women what is true for men? But the small world of the paperboys is merciless. She gets to know pain, but also dreams - and finally even friendship.

Remasterised version


  • 2000 Aspen Shortsfest : Won, The Ellen
  • 2000 Chicago International Children's Film Festival : Won, Adult's Jury Award
  • 2000 Los Angeles Pan African Film Festival : Won, Best Short
  • 1999 Castellinaria International Festival of Young Cinema : Won, Special Mention
  • 1999 International Biennal for Film Music : Won, International Prize for Film and Media Music - Special Mention
  • 1999 Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film : Nominated, Golden Bayard Best Film (Meilleur Film Francophone) ; Won, Procirep Award ; Won, Jury Special Prize ; Won, ACCT Promotional Award
  • 1999 Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival ; Won, Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Award
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