Screens of the World


by Florian FRANÇOIS, Brennan MARTIN


Director : Florian FRANÇOIS, Brennan MARTIN

Production : Cossack Production

Episodes : 10

Year : 2018

Original version : French

Country : France


A Brand New 10 part series
10 episodes of 13 mn

How can a French guy survive in English-speaking Toronto?

After a breakup, Sebastian, a French man decides to made a trip across Northern America. He lands in Toronto for a few days; While on an adventure alone in the city, he meets Canadians and different people from all over the world who all have different stories to tell.

Each episode centers on Sebastian meeting a different person while exploring the city. The episodes don’t follow a specific story. It’s a TV show about life, the relationships we have or don’t have with our loved ones, and the strangers we meet along the way and who end up changing our lives forever.

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